• Geopolitical Analysis

    SISA offers analyses of international and geopolitical developments. We base our analyses on a wide spectre of information and analytical assumptions. Scenarios and risks are considered continuously. We provide analyses in the form of written reports, as well as through presentations, discussions and participation in brain storming sessions. Get in touch with us to discuss your analytical requirements.

  • Lectures and Debates

    We provide lecturers who are experienced participants in public debate. Our contributions aim to inspire and to encourage critical thinking.


    SISA Director Helge Lurås tailor speeches for business groups and public organizations. In Geopolitical and Energy Trends he analyzes how population growth, resource scarcity and climate change affect the conditions for economic growth, political stability, western dominance and strategic competition. How are we to understand and adapt to a changing world?

    In the lecture Terrorism, Ideology and Security he discusses the causes of radicalization and the political and geopolitical consequences thereof.

    SISA additionally offers timely lectures and presentations related to the conflict between the West and Russia, the strategic implications of China's economic growth, and the unrest in the Middle East.


  • Policy

    Our centre aims to contribute to a creative and dynamic debate around international politics and Norwegian society. We partake in public debate through commentary, discussion, interviews and statements in the media.

  • Research

    SISA carries out research commissioned by both the public and private sectors. SISA researchers also participate in projects in cooperation with other research institutes – in Norway and abroad.

  • Country Analysis

    SISA’s extensive network of researchers and analysts both inside and outside of Norway provide solid reports and analyses of political and social dynamics in many countries. SISA also offers feasibility studies, as well as being able to help with practical organisation and cultural understanding. We provide risk assessments and advice on how to handle local incentive systems and corporate responsibility in a local context. Get in touch with us to find out where and if SISA’s network could provide assistance.

  • Strategic Communication

    The experts affiliated to SISA are not communications advisers in the traditional sense, rather they offer advice relating to complex communications challenges where state of the art knowledge on questions of international policy and/or an in-depth understanding of specific industries or markets is imperative. Most of all, we contribute to defining strategic directions and an understanding of political and narrative contexts.


  • Macro Trend Analysis

    SISA monitors a number of trends that influence social and political change. Being able to identify and handle such trends is crucial both for private companies, public administration and investors. We offer reports and analyses on demographic, economic, environmental, political, cultural, social and technological trends and tendencies. Get in touch with us to discuss how our analyses might assist your work.

  • Institution-building

    SISA is involved in capacity building, institutional consolidation and democratic control of the security institutions in fragile and vulnerable countries.